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you should use more of kingbastards stuff, he's a good mate of mine and deserves some exposure:)

Nice Music:)

Hey, cool Flash. Glad u chose to use my music, works with the animation well, though perhaps a little too gothic for my tastes, also what's up with the sound after the trk kicks in, it clips like a bitch!!!

notorious responds:

yeah some of my animations have problems with sound, some don't, it's kinda weird. Thanks for the good review!

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Lovely stuff;)

Stumbled across this track today! What a lovely stumble it was too.

Very nice indeed. Sounds a bit too clean to be a 'real' guitar? [that's why I gave it 9/10], but that's irrelevant really as it's the tune that matters and what you've made here is really lovely. I can see it soundtracking a movie no prob, almost reminiscent of Yann Tiersen in the phrasing, a sort of french flavour to it;)

Great stuff, and glad I could be of some inspiration to someone;)

all the best


Decibel responds:

OMG! I never, in a million years would have expected a review from you, thanks so much dude :)

It isn't real per se, it's a real guitar but it's sampled, therefore it sounds slightly fake.

I'm glad you liked it! Would love to collab some time :)


hi, this is Kingbastard again, apologies if my last review seemed harsh but it was just MY opinion. . The sound quality is so much better, there's still some clips but this is very emotive. You could be hitting broadway any time soon:D very good pianist and vocalist, very good

Jazza responds:

thanx heaps man
i think the clips are because of how crap my ram is... well its not crap, but i have VERY expansive midi instruments and i dont think 2 gigs of ram handles it well... thanks heaps though bro

i wrote.....

.... a big review for this, then accidentally closed the fucking window!!! So, instead of the creative writing exercise that was the first review i'll just say I love the electro bird sound and the way they play off each other, the trk builds really well and the disjointed drums come together nicely over the swelling pads and sounds and really help the trk to grow.
Quality trk man.

dj-padman1 responds:

Look, dont give me that..invent a time machine and recover the original review.

I kid, I kid..:P

Thanks for the review, always good to hear the opinion of someone who knows what they're talking about. I was hoping you might find your way to voting for it too, but oh well.

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