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[dB] I'm the Good Guy [dB] I'm the Good Guy

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Lovely stuff;)

Stumbled across this track today! What a lovely stumble it was too.

Very nice indeed. Sounds a bit too clean to be a 'real' guitar? [that's why I gave it 9/10], but that's irrelevant really as it's the tune that matters and what you've made here is really lovely. I can see it soundtracking a movie no prob, almost reminiscent of Yann Tiersen in the phrasing, a sort of french flavour to it;)

Great stuff, and glad I could be of some inspiration to someone;)

all the best


Decibel responds:

OMG! I never, in a million years would have expected a review from you, thanks so much dude :)

It isn't real per se, it's a real guitar but it's sampled, therefore it sounds slightly fake.

I'm glad you liked it! Would love to collab some time :)

Out of my League cover Out of my League cover

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


hi, this is Kingbastard again, apologies if my last review seemed harsh but it was just MY opinion. . The sound quality is so much better, there's still some clips but this is very emotive. You could be hitting broadway any time soon:D very good pianist and vocalist, very good

Jazza responds:

thanx heaps man
i think the clips are because of how crap my ram is... well its not crap, but i have VERY expansive midi instruments and i dont think 2 gigs of ram handles it well... thanks heaps though bro

Fragile Peace Fragile Peace

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

i wrote.....

.... a big review for this, then accidentally closed the fucking window!!! So, instead of the creative writing exercise that was the first review i'll just say I love the electro bird sound and the way they play off each other, the trk builds really well and the disjointed drums come together nicely over the swelling pads and sounds and really help the trk to grow.
Quality trk man.

dj-padman1 responds:

Look, dont give me that..invent a time machine and recover the original review.

I kid, I kid..:P

Thanks for the review, always good to hear the opinion of someone who knows what they're talking about. I was hoping you might find your way to voting for it too, but oh well.

Rest, Tortured Soul--_-- Rest, Tortured Soul--_--

Rated 4 / 5 stars


Well, it's not exactly what I would call ambient, but it's a pretty good piece of electronica. Good arrangement and choice of sounds, not much else to say really, perhaps mess with the drums a bit more?
Good stuff.4/5

Rythmic Sadness Rythmic Sadness

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


this is a nice piece of melancholic(ish)ambient music, although it needs something else to it I think. Perhaps some ambient/chillout drums and a some more pad textures and layers, beacuse although it creates a good mood it does sound a little sparse.
You should definately change the name too as there really isn't much in the way of rhythm in the trk:)

UnrealClock responds:

Thanks I know I am gonna try to remix it!

Sinking Point Unit Sinking Point Unit

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Good Shit!

I checked out your profile and saw your fav.bands, that's what made me listen to this and I was glad I did. It's a quality piece of electronica with some really good moments. The sounds are nice n acidy with that rerto tinge and the breakdown is top notch, really gets you anticipating what is coming next. The ambient outro is nice and the synths used sound quality, but i think after the bridge/mid section it needs to come back heavier, more agressive on the drums perhaps, a minor quiblle really as this is excellent stuff, definately a grower.
shame bout the fade tho.

dj-padman1 responds:

Thanks for the review, I've been a fan of your music for a while now.

You're absolutely right, the track would be a lot more polished if the drum loop evolved into something more heavy and energetic.

I guess every track is a learning experience and your review is most helpful in letting me know what the track lacks.

Again, thanks for your kind words, and please, keep the tracks flowing!

-=LJC=- Genre Invasion -=LJC=- Genre Invasion

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

ooh... that's some lovely stuff:) If you add some mad chopped breaks to this then it would sound quality, not to say that it doesn't as is, but man! I can just hear the beats in my head as I sit here listening to this.
This should be in the ambient category I reckon, loved it, should definately be made into a full blown 5 minuter with a mad drum section comin in after about 2mins in, would be great!
take it easy fella.

LJCoffee responds:

Thanks a ton.

Yep, I hear ya - I pulled the plug on the percussion at the last minute.

Maybe it's worth revisiting. - Perhaps I'll take your advice, tweak it up a bit, extend it and drumify it.

Thanks again, always nice to hear from you.

Rucklo - I Switch It On Rucklo - I Switch It On

Rated 5 / 5 stars


The Cdx is obviously getting some good use:) Great procuction on this track man, really good balance of sounds. I thought the beat could've been a bit harder, but it comes through well enough to balance all the feedbacking effects and panning scratches. I would have like to have heard the beats glitching more:) It would be great if they glitched and chopped at the same time as certain scratches. I liked it, nice use of Fx and random speech samples.
Good to hear you are back to making tunes again instead of arsing about surfing, hahahaha.
Take it easy mate.
Hope to catch u on msn sometime.

Rucklo responds:

Hey mate!
Glad you liked the song, good idea with the skratches+glitches combined, im gonna try to do something like that. Im still not so good at skratching tho, but im getting there. And one can allways cheat with editing a little ;)
Not that i do that, tho... :D
Anyway, for this song i wanted the beat to be quite basic to serve as a backbone, same with the baseline, not so much is going on in the sound there. A few things that u can hear if you listen closley, and the beat shifts of course, but no bigger sound-changes. The disted beat, however was supposed to serve as a cover up for the beat, but it got a little too far away since i messed with it a little too hard, and it is also panned/stereo fx-ed out a little to the "edges" of the sound.
Anyway, talk to you on MSN some day mate! (im on modem :( for a while here tho).


This is Freedom This is Freedom

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Nice stuff. Bit too much release on some notes of the piano perhaps and the piano sound isn't the best. It sounds a bit synthy, which isn't nice in my opinion. Quite a good full on blast into the main tune, a good emotive feel. Could see this as soundtrack music for a end of a cheesy battle based movie. The drums could've been more prominent to give the track some real punch and definition, but it's generally a really nice track with a good 'let's march to certain death' vibe.
The production gets a bit muddy, maybe try panning some of the instruments to give it more space?
Good stuff.

MilkMan-Dan responds:

Thankyou for the amazing critique. Usually the piano sounds quite good... as you'll see from my other works. I think it was in the way I captured the sound this time around. Unfortunitley... you must not have caught the fact that I did this entire thing on a keyboard. You can't pan the instruments unfortunitley... but it sounds like a good idea if I can find a way to do it. Any suggestions? Thanks bunches.

Evil Has Found Me Evil Has Found Me

Rated 4 / 5 stars


sounds like good ol slayer and machinehead stuff. Not bad at all. The guitaring is quality, just wish it was higher in the mix cos the drums are a bit too prominent for my liking. A nice angry solo dropped in the mix would've helped too.